Monday, 4 February 2013

Poor Old Wee Man

The wee man is a resilient child. Not only does he keep getting up after crashing off various bits of furniture, he has to put up with some harsh weather conditions. With our rain cover swimming somewhere in the North Sea, probably closer to Norway than England by now, the wee man is learning to put up with getting wet from the rain. We've being avoiding the outdoors at the merest sight of a grey cloud but sometimes you get caught out. The wee man doesn't moan he just lies there in his pushchair wincing every time a droplet of rain hits him. His silence fuels my guilt and I end running through the rain to get him undercover. As I am unfit, this brings on minor chest pains and makes my face turn a wonderfully bright shade of red.

Yesterday The Chancellor and I decided it was a good idea to take the wee man up the coast line for a run around on the beach. Seeing as it was freezing and the wind almost took the wee man with it we didn't spend too long on the beach. But the wee man loved the chance to keep running without anything to stop him. He even managed to pose for his first album cover. You know the ones where the artist is staring out into space looking all serious and far away? (look above). With that as his first album cover he is definitely going platinum and therefore paying for my retirement in a villa just outside Florence in the Tuscan hills.

But if he's going to survive in such inhospitable surrounding like the North East he's going to have cultivate at least a thicker layer of fat. I could though give him a helping hand though by buying him  new rain cover. Though he can buy it himself as he has more money than both myself and The Chancellor.


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