Monday, 18 February 2013

The Marlboro Man

Yesterday afternoon as I lay on the sofa recovering still from this dreadful gastric bug, The Chancellor took the wee man to visit some of our friends. It had been a while since we had all been in the same room at the same time and it was a shame that I had to miss it. But I would have been in some trouble had I passed around what had infected me.

On her return The Chancellor regaled tales of how the wee man is now by far the loudest child in the group and that he is by far the naughtiest or willful depending on if you can admit to having a naughty child or not. I spoke of this subject the other day but with me out of action this weekend The Chancellor has finally seen what he is capable of and how he probably needs two parents on hand all the time.

She said that she didn't actually get to have good chats with people because she continually had to apologise and dash off to stop the wee man from doing something destructive or rescue him from situations he had gotten himself into. He even at one point managed to lead one of his little friends astray by teaching him how to climb onto a table. There is a running joke within the group that the wee man will be the child who gets all the other children into trouble. I have this image of all the boys as teenagers and the wee man passing out cigarettes behind the school while listening to alt rock. Though this sounds suspiciously like something I did. But this isn't about me. I feel bad for him that he's been given this label but on the other hand I can see why.

There is a fine line between willful and naughty and there is also a fine line between letting him explore the world and letting him do everything he wants. Right now I'm beginning to work out how to get the balance right and I'm failing miserably. This kind of decision making is what leads to parents getting grey hair.

On a slightly different note there is an extra Baby Centre Blog out today. The regular Wednesday one will be out this week too.


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