Sunday, 16 December 2012

8 children + 16 parents + lots of party food + a soft play area = ?

8 children + 16 parents + lots of party food + a soft play area = ?

Well it equals a fun but tiring day. Last night I did the miraculous thing of coming home early from a night out with former work colleagues. Now that I have been injected with a micro chip that makes me want to spend time with my family rather than get drunk, I decided at ten o'clock that enough was enough and made my way home, mostly sober and with a bit of money left. To say The Chancellor was surprised to see me home at this hour is an understatement. But home I was and even back in time to watch the football highlights. Good times.

In hindsight this was a great thing to do as if I had had a hangover today the equation might have looked something like this.

8 loud and annoying children + 16 loud and annoying parents + I'm very tired + I feel sick + sleeping in the soft play area + people being mean to me for being hungover = The Chancellor shouting at me and giving me no sympathy.

So there were smiles all round that this didn't happen. And seeing all the wee man's little friends celebrate their first birthdays was great fun. Next year might be a slightly different scenario as they may well be going through the terrible twos and 8 babies having tantrums won't be fun. 

Until then we will revel in them being small and not being able to answer back. Though I'm not sure how long this will last. 


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