Monday, 10 December 2012

Alien Resurrection Is The Worst Of The Four Films

Today has been long. The Chancellor was up at half five to catch a train to Leeds for a work related day out. She gave me a nudge at nearly half six, waking me from a scary dream after watching Alien Resurrection last night, to tell me she was leaving. This was not welcomed but seeing as I was fleeing from space monsters I forgave her. Last time I eat cheese and watch late night sci-fi horror films.

In a daze I murmured something to the tune of 'Piss off and leave me alone' 'I love you and and have fun' and rolled over all warm and cosy in bed. Ten minutes later the wee man decided that with it still being dark he would wake up. Yay for me. She didn't return home until just before seven. Again yay for me.

So as I said at the top, long day. I can't however complain as some parents I know, including Funny Mummy, have to go long periods of doing everything by themselves as their husbands work strange shift patterns or travel for work. Plus Multi-Mum and Multi-Dad. Can't forget them. But I'm still allowed to moan and to ease my weary joints and head I've demolished half a packet of Jaffa Cakes. If the wee man wakes in the night tonight he might hearing from me 'Piss off and leave me alone' 'Piss off and leave me alone.'

The Chancellor, that wily old fox, skillfully told me that she would be going out on Thursday straight from work to get really drunk on her work night out. So another long day awaits. I feel like a hardworking housewife, with my cooking, childcare, washing up etc etc. Violins in the background. If you feel it necessary to cry for me that's fine. I'm sure I will be moaning about another long day in Thursday's blog.

Right I'm going to bed.


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