Sunday, 30 December 2012

Be Careful What You Say

One man, a wee bairn and The Chancellor have made it home from festive gatherings with one man feeling slightly worse for wares after numerous days of Christmas drinking. A detox is now in force well before most other people feel guilty for their excesses and dash towards their nearest gym. Not to say I will be going to the gym but a decrease in wine consumption and a move to low fat butter may be the first measures to be implemented. Like all other people who attempt to give up all the things they like in an effort to feel good, I'm not sure how long I will last. Attempt though I must, I need to be a good example for the wee man.

Something that doesn't need any dieting is the wee man's constant and speedy development which is becoming something of a delight for us. This phase in his life seems, so far, to be the phase which has seen the most change in personality, intelligence and appearance. The Chancellor is all excited as he is now giving hugs out to anyone who wants one, which is somewhat dangerous but as he hugs his mum she is OK with this.  

As he is now copying us and starting to talk we have to watch ourselves and make sure we don't say any rude words in front of him. I need take some words out of my day to day vocabulary and I need to stop telling him how lovely Rachel Riley is or he will grow up thinking that The Chancellor is just my housemate rather than my wife.

One story from someone we know was about a child who every time he took a step down the stairs said "For fuck sake" and the same child who whenever he dropped something off his high chair said "Shit". We must watch our words or social judgement will be severe. Another story was from a friend of my family who said her son starting saying he was putting on his "Sodding shoes" after the mother kept asking him to put on his sodding shoes in frustration. Very funny but scary but mostly funny.


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