Friday, 28 December 2012

The Most Amazing Soft Play In The History Of Soft Play

The wee man today has experienced soft play on an all new level. We visited along with our friends, blond friend and Latin lover friend, what can only be described as the cathedral of soft play. We stood amazed at the size of the place as it rose nine or ten levels into the rafters. We suddenly felt very insignificant compared to the awesome power and size of the giant soft play. The extra size though meant more loud and sugared-up children who bombed around trampling the wee man. But he is tough and held his own very well.

It didn't help that we chose perhaps the worst day of the year to go and also worst time of the day. We even had to wait for twenty before we were allowed to enter the fray. The wee man despite having man flu and being only one ran around until he had no more run around in him and eventually collapsed on me as we all had a very nice civilized lunch away from crazed children in a nice bar.

In a completely unrelated topic the wee man spoke his first real word yesterday. He has in the past said dada and mumma and egg but in all those occasions he hasn't been aware of what he was saying. Yesterday while stroking The Chancellor's mum's dog he said 'dog' and then 'doggy'. And then when shown a Guinea pig he said dog again but seeing as the Guinea pig in question is the size of a small dog then you can see why he thought it was a dog. A very proud moment for us both and it was a shame I missed it.

I am now trying to get him to say 'Daddy is the best' and 'Mummy smells' but he doesn't seem interested in expanding his English language. It will come though and I imagine once he does start talking there will be no shutting him up and then I will have why? why? why? why? why? why? what's this? why? Can I watch TV? Why not? why not? why not?


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