Saturday, 22 December 2012

The Mayans Never Saw The North Of England

Christmas travelling is nothing short of chaotic but the only thing to rival it is last minute shopping on the Saturday three days before Christmas. Unfortunately today we had to do both and both were horrible. People change in these situations especially in supermarkets where they charge around with their heads down lacking any sort of manners or Christmas spirit (not like I have any but still).

The Mayans had predicted that the end of the world was due this week but if you had had the joy of travelling through the northern part of the UK today you would have thought that it had happened. Rain pelted down apocalypticaly making it almost impossible to see the car in front. When you are driving at 80 mph that makes life quite difficult. The wind blew across the car almost blowing us the east coast of America. I was expecting the leaden sky in front of us to open up and a giant Monty Python foot would drop down squashing us all while making a raspberry noise. If that is how we are going to go it would be quite a funny way to go. I would be content with that.

We eventually made it down to my parent's house only to be told by The Chancellor that we need to go out and buy some last minute gifts. Sigh. But I put on a brave face and hummed Christmas songs as The Chancellor bimbled around trying to pick between what looked like the same product just in different packaging. Sigh.There are some things that you shouldn't have to do and one of them is last minute Christmas shopping. Never again.

We are now finally finished and I can write this and eat chocolate treats in peace, looking forward to a warming stew and good wine tonight. Tomorrow I hope will be better times and I can avoid all retail outlets.


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