Friday, 21 December 2012

Looking After A Dying Oligarch

Christmas has come a day early to us at One Man HQ, well for me more than the others. This is because The Chancellor is ill. Before you shout out me for being a monster at saying this hear me out.

I have spoken before that if The Chancellor stays off work you know something is wrong as she is a stickler for a perfect record and feels guilty even if she unable to stand. It might sound cruel that I'm happy she's ill but I'm only happy because I've had someone to talk to today and have had some help with the wee man. Today was my last day of filling the boredom but as she rolled over in bed this morning and croaked that she wasn't going in to work I cheekily smiled to myself. To paint myself in a better light I have looked after to her today bringing her tea and cake and not at all talking of Rachel Riley and not being able to see her for a few months. She naturally feels rubbish as it's so close to Christmas but on the plus side she has managed to spend an extra day with the wee man and her loving husband which she loves doing tolerates doing.

So tomorrow along with the good percentage of the population we hit the motorways where I imagine we will be stuck in traffic for a good proportion of the day. Christmas tidings indeed. But once we hit our destination then it's Grand-parenting childcare all the way and that's nothing to be scoffed at believe you me.The five hours stuck in tedious traffic will be worth it.

Look how excited or crazed the wee man looks for Christmas. He actually looks quite scary here but super excited none the less.


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