Thursday, 13 December 2012

Smooth Operators

Today is my long day of the week. The Chancellor is out for the night straight from work for her work's Christmas piss up. I successfully managed to stay out from just before ten through till half three by various means and ways. 

After a music group and a nice meal with Funny Mummy and Funny Daddy and their wee tot I went off to a soft play to kill an hour or so. This was all very nice until two older boys, maybe two years old, who had been so poorly raised started throwing stuff at the wee man and I. At first I politely told them to stop. Then after a while my patience wore thin I told them firmly to bugger off. They didn't annoy us again. 

Their parents weren't watching and they let their kids tear round the place throwing stuff, standing on tables and generally being little shits. But despite being surrounded by monsters we stayed for an hour or so and the wee man stole the show with some foxy mums who also thought it was adorable that I was a stay at home dad. We're smooth operators my son and I.

As I watched older children bomb around the place I thought this is a vision of my future. The wee man has only recently started to need exercise to ware him out for the end of the day. I dread the time when he needs a good few hours to have him sleepy for the end of the day.

Tonight though the wee man is knackered already after our activities and we still have an hour and a half before bath time. To be fair so am I, it's a hard life being a house husband. 

Onto the next job.


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