Wednesday, 12 December 2012

So Long Sensory

End of an era stuff today as baby sensory came to an end. This group has been the cornerstone of all our weeks as The Chancellor took him when he was only a young tot and I've been taking him for about five months now. It's a group we have all enjoyed and after the class is the only time I get an hour to have a coffee in peace as he naps for a good hour. So farewell to baby sensory and hello toddler sense starting in the new year.

But the wee man was staring to look a bit out of place as today he spent most of the day walking around standing on little babies' feet. Also he has learnt to walk very quickly, a speed that rivals Usain Bolt and the other Jamaican guy who does the impression of an animal, sorry can't remember his name.

Two weeks ago at the same group he pulled over a young girl by her dribble bib so she fell to the floor. We made a quick exit before the mother of the girl could collar the wee man for assault. I don't want him to get a reputation as a bully and then we get banned from these groups. Gossip travels quickly in our groups.

The other bit of notable news is that at the age of nearly thirteen months he has started swiping things like I do with my tablet. This is terrifying and says one of two things; the wee man is very smart (which he is) or I spend far too much time bimbling around on my tablet. I admit that I have a part to play in this but he is super smart too. He tries to swipe our digital camera screen and anything that shines back at him. He will certainly be a child of his generation, no question.

Right as I'm the house maid and cook and nanny I'm off the cook dinner and then maybe sit down. It's a hard life.


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