Thursday, 6 December 2012

There's Snow Day Like A Snow Day

The wee man this morning was a star. As I lay in bed at nine o'clock this morning catching up on my correspondents I was more than happy that;

a). The wee man was still fast asleep having let me sleep for 10 or so hours.


b). I was tucked up all nice and warm as everyone else, including The Chancellor, was battling through the snow and ice to go to work.

I felt smug.

Eventually he rose and we eased our way into the day and I didn't get out of my pajamas until half past ten. I felt like a student again. However because I got some tedious parking ticket yesterday, which I should have contested on the grounds that it was stupid and cost me £35, I had to venture out into the cold and pay it. The wee man and I managed to slalom our way across the icy snow like Olympic cross-country skiers, but this made me even more annoyed because I was trudging through the snow just to pay a ticket I shouldn't have got in the first place. But like a good citizen I payed it and even told the lady at the desk that I shouldn't have got it. She was not sympathetic to my plight nor was she particularly interested. I said my bit though.

I let the wee man toddle through the snow on the way home which he greatly enjoyed but as he tends now to dawdle as he toddles I cut short his frivolity because I was cold and hungry and I don't like snow. He got the idea, next year I will probably be sledging with him. Cold and wet winters await for me, it's what I get for long lie-ins!


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