Saturday, 29 December 2012

The Good, The Bad And The Tantrums

Apologies if you have logged on and found nothing new on this blog. I had lots of excuses lined up as to why I couldn't write one today but none of them sounded good or real and in truth I totally forgot. But as I'm a slave now to it I scurried down stairs in my parent's house too turn on the internet so I could write something, anything.

As we head back home tomorrow the wee man returns with a few new tricks and abilities under his utility belt. Like Batman, when the time is right he uses them to wonderful affect.

There is the good-turning around to get off the bed legs first.

The bad- continually trying to get his hands on his grandad's blue ray player and hitting it hard with a plastic fish.

And finally the ugly- tantruming very loudly when remote controls are taken off him.

The tantruming is something that seems to happening with more frequency. I need him to know that one doesn't tantrum when faced with annoyance or adversity. I don't think Bruce Wayne tantrums or any other super hero, apart from the Hulk. The less of Christiano Ronaldo he sees the better.

The fish and the blue ray is mildly funny, as it pisses off my dad and cheers my mum up as she doesn't like the machine, especially the surround sound.

Oh the politics of Christmas and the boyishness of the wee man have made for a fun trip. Newcastle and a return to normality awaits.


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