Sunday, 9 December 2012

A Visit To Our Heroes

You will be glad to know that today there has been no mould or no dust in my life. I discovered that spending the day around damp, dust and strong cleaning products your lungs take a bit of a beating and I spent last night moaning about how I couldn't breath. So what's the best way to combat this? Go for a walk along the North East coastline in December. The walk seems to have cleared my lungs a bit.

We took a drive today to see our friends Multi-Mum and Multi-Dad. Along with their mega buggies and our single one we trooped along the the boardwalk as winds pounded our face and with us wondering why we live in such a cold place.

If you are new to this blog then Multi-Mum and Multi-Dad are our heroes. They have two sets of twins all under the age of two. Whenever we see them we come away saying we will never moan about having one child ever again. To say they are doing a great job is an understatement. I'm not sure I would look as good as they do if I had four children to look after. So whenever I tell The Chancellor we are having no more children I now mean we are having no more children. I saw on more than one occaision a glint in her eye as she held the newborns in her arms, romanticising what the wee man was like a the twin's age. I had to remind her that he wasn't that nice and cried most of time sending us both insane. I told The Chancellor not to have any ideas but Multi-Mum tapped me on the leg and gave me a look that basically said 'You'll be having more no matter what you say.' But I am the man of the house so what I says goes, surely?

So as I consider booking myself in for the snip a glass must be raised to our friends who are getting much less sleep than we are. Though it's never easy even with one, as I write I hear The Chancellor shout 'Oh no Jamie It's gone everywhere!' I shudder to think what she is referring to but I have a good idea.


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