Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Filling The Void Part 2

First off today the usual Wednesday load of housekeeping. If you go to you will read my inaugural Christmas message on Baby Centre. It is somewhat different from the Queen's but just as important.

I hear you asking 'What are your opening hours over the festive period?' Well much like my local corner shop I will be open for business all through Christmas though depending on how much I drink during my family's Christmas meal I may not make it to the laptop for a Christmas day blog post. We'll play that one by ear. Also there is a Baby Centre blog due out of boxing day but I'm not sure who will be on Baby Centre on boxing day but if you are then please read.

So today, like yesterday, has been about filling time until Saturday and we go on holiday for Christmas. There is a lot of time I must fill and so far I'm not doing very well at being imaginative. It just shows how reliant I have been on baby groups and social gatherings. The wee man in part has been entertained by my attempts to impersonate animals and sing him songs but his attention quickly wains and he goes back to what ever it was he was doing.

He's had enough of my antics and has given up on me, deciding instead that sleep is a better option to his dad being foolish. I don't blame him. Maybe he will wake up with an idea of what he wants to do, all set out in a colour co-ordinated flow chart or pie chart. He would probably have better ideas to me, but as I am heading towards my winter break and hibernation I should be let off after exhausting all my ideas in the past five months.

A whimper from the next room means he is ready to give me his presentation, I hope he has good ideas.


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