Wednesday, 5 December 2012

The Wee Man Is Hard As Nails

So having had something like a night of sleep I was ready to rock and roll today. And what better way than watching other people stick three needles into the wee man's legs. Today was MMR (measles, mumps and rubella) jab day and other rubbish diseases booster jab day.

We were joined by The Chancellor as she very kindly took the day off to join me in the needle fun, though she doesn't need to be asked twice to have a day off. This was the first time I had witnessed injection day as all the previous times had happened when I was actually paying any form of tax. As we sat in the waiting room at the doctor's I started to feel slightly guilt and a bit worried for the wee man. He tottered around, grinning and doing pleasant vocal exercises oblivious to what was about to happen. After pleasantries with the nurses they asked me to hold him tight with his arms out of the way. At this point he started to get a little fussy, I apologised to him and closed my eyes for him as the nurses stood on either side and stabbed him with the needles.

As you can imagine he did not enjoy this and began crying but only for a few seconds. He was a real man though and brushed aside the pain and moments later he was laughing and happy again. Top man. The Chancellor tells me the first time he had injections he was only weeks old and as they poked him he held his breath, turned purple and let out an enormous scream. Obviously spending more time with me has toughened him up! Maybe if I actually owned a tool box I could get away with this kind of comment. Anyway I'm very proud of him, so well done to the wee man.

Finally admin for a Wednesday. This is a blog post I never thought I would write. and this is a blog post I knew I would write.


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