Thursday, 20 December 2012

Tomorrow I say Goodbye To Rachel Riley For A While

Tomorrow is going to be bittersweet day for myself and the wee man. On the upside it is the final day of what has been a desperate week of looking for things to do. To say I've been rubbish at finding things to do is an understatement  Today we were kindly reprieved from our madness and were invited round to Scottish Mummy's house where she had prepared a lovely soup that warmed us from a horrid day in the North East of England. With visits to family after the wee man and I manged to stay out until just before four in the afternoon and now we just have to wait out one more day until freedom for a while.

But tomorrow will also be sad as it's the last in the current series of Countdown and therefore we won't be seeing Rachel Riley for a while. Now I know I often to speak of Rachel and you must think I'm some kind of sex pest but I'm not, she's just lovely. (Disclaimer* She's not as nice as The Chancellor) But she Countdown has become such a staple of our afternoons that is will be sad to see her off mys screen for a while. So I say so long Rachel I hope Channel 4 commissions a news series soon. Please. Here she is. Lovely. On the plus side you won't have to hear me wittering on about her.

                                                                                  Flickr: Living it Loving it Ltd

So one more day. And I actually have things planned so hopefully it will be a breeze. Hopefully. Then it's a week and a half of bliss, childcare, silence and a whole day off to myself a week today! Merry Christmas Jamie.


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