Sunday, 2 December 2012

A Cold Home And Reality

Reality returned today and by God it was cold. We returned home in quite a sad mood as we now have to buy our own food, cook for ourselves and we don't have a pair of babysitters on tap. What are we going  to do with ourselves? Do we really have to live like real adults? As winter has hit the north east of England it's bloody freezing and a quick check of our house temperature did not make nice reading, 8 degrees Celsius which is FREEZING! So for the past four hours our central heating has been on full whack and we might be in debt just to get warm.

Not only have we returned home with a house load of new toys for the wee man but we have come home with a changed wee man. While we were away he got himself into the habit of having two evening meals which has led to a plumper toddler who now has a double chin and big Santa style belly. This is good for winter though and the extra layer of fat should keep him warm from this dreadful cold. Already tonight he has had a fair amount of food and now he is sampling the delights of my home made pizzas. Greedy baby.

He has also nearly given up on crawling and just wants to walk everywhere either with you holding his hand or just by himself. This is very nice but bending down for a good half an hour starts to make your back ache. And he decided to start saying the word 'egg'. I don't know how or why he has started saying this or if he even knows he is saying it but out it comes. Egg, egg, egg etc etc.

Tomorrow we all start again and I'm not looking forward to being by myself day in day out as we will be returning to child on the shoulders thing when I go to the toilet and many other treats.But only three weeks until Christmas then The Chancellor is off for another two weeks. The countdown has started.


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