Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Filling The Void

If you walk around any family-friendly area this week you will probably see lots of parents looking lost and in desperate need of something to do. Including me. This week all classes I go to have finished for Christmas. This is very inconvenient as now I have nothing to do and The Chancellor is still at work until Friday. Obviously I could stay at home and look lovingly at my child or do some baking but I'm not doing either of those things as they're really boring and the wee man eats his own shoes and that's not fun to watch.

Today I was saved by my cousin's partner who came over and joined the wee man and I on a trip to the local soft play area. We killed a good three hours with coffee and a walk and a drive. Is this starting to sound like we went on a date..? Anyway it got the wee man and I out of the house for a while which is exactly what we needed. And tomorrow we start again with trying to find things to do which won't cost me the earth.

So here are some things we could do and how they score;

  1. Talk to foxy mums- Could be dangerous but as the wee man is so cute it's a fairly easy thing to do. A solid 4/5.
  2. Watch CBeebies or The West Wing all day- Bad parenting but educational and very well written (West Wing). CBeebies gets 2.5/5 and The West Wing 5/5. My parenting 0/5.
  3. Go and bet on the horses- This could go either way and either make me money or lose me a lot of money. Also this could lead to a gambling problem for me or the wee man and then I will be shouted at. A dismal 1/5.
  4. Go to the library- Easy, free and will gain me good will points from The Chancellor. A winner with 5/5.
So the winner is? Foxy mums of course. OK maybe not but if they're at the library then that works too. I will let you know tomorrow.


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