Friday, 7 December 2012

Poor Parenting, Twice

A couple of poor bits of parenting from me happened today, neither of which The Chancellor enjoyed hearing only moments ago. Both incidents were down to me not paying attention and I take full responsibility if it will give me a lesser sentence.

First off, the wee man never really cries anymore if he hurts himself he just brushes it off and carries on. So when he does cry you know something is wrong. During his lunch I was wondering why the tray on his highchair wouldn't click into place. After putting a bit more force into pushing it into place I realised why it wasn't closing, the wee man's finger was in the way. AARRGGHHHHH and that's just me. A moment of realisation from him and then comes the crying or the screaming if you want to be more exact. Luckily no real harm was done and after a couple of minutes and frantic walking and bobbbing through the house he returned to normal and I pacified him with a Rich Tea biscuit. Crap parenting #1

So we come to the second bit of crap parenting. You almost forget that children, at this age, change. I mean, that for he ages he wasn't able to get into to cupboards. He would play with the handles but he never had the strength to open the doors. As I was pottering in the kitchen I knew he was just next to me as he was pulling on my trouser leg. Next thing I know I look down and he isn't next to me anymore, he has got in the cupboard under the sink and has pulled out a bottle of anti-bacterial all surface cleaner. AARRGGHHHHHH and that's me again. He looks very pleased with himself that he's gotten into a cupboard and in fairness I'm impressed he has managed to do this. But this just means we HAVE to do more baby proofing this weekend. The bottle was only moments from being put in his mouth and that would cause me all sorts of other problems.

Luckily he was alright after all these hardships and The Chancellor hasn't hit me. But she is off for two days now so a tighter reign on baby proofing will be taken by her.


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