Saturday, 8 December 2012

I Give You The Gift Of Pictures Part 2

It's hard to know for you the reader of how much interest there is in reading about me cleaning mould off a wall for a few hours. 'No interest at all?' I hear you say. All right then I won't tell you about the crap jobs The Chancellor hands out. But I did do this and I now stink of bleach and my lungs are full of dust. So as this is all I have done today there is very little to report. So here are some more pictures. If you claim I am selling out by doing another picture blog then you're right and I don't care.

First off the wee man looking totally ace.

 Secondly, the wee man interacting with other children. More work needed there.

 Thirdly, the wee man being a monkey.

There you go. Depending how much more mould I get off the wall tomorrow then there could be more pictures. But I know you really love them.


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