Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Solitary Confinement

Tonight I have hidden myself away from the family in a vain attempt to get some peace and quiet and to do an enormous amount of writing. Enormous may be pushing it but it still is taking up a good deal of my free time. Though what else would I be doing, washing up? Done already. Setting the wee man's bedtime stuff out? Done already. How efficient am I?

Anyway with the yule tide upon us Baby Centre want me to submit posts for weeks in advance which is quite annoying as I have nothing to say weeks in advance. Well actually I have plenty to say but those things are about football and obscure music genres, two topics that aren't really appropriate or of interest to Baby Centre.

I have three out of four blogs written including tomorrow's but like that bogey you just can't reach (sorry but a good analogy) I can't quite get around to doing the last one. Something always comes up like eating or childcare or Angry Birds Star Wars. Hence why tonight I have incarcerated myself in the front room with a pot of coffee and some inspirational music to get the job done. But as I write this and the other blogs I have a million tabs open all with stupid things running. Do I really need to be on Amazon looking for a new mp3 player or my next phone? Probably not, plus as I have no money this seems like a very pointless exercise. Sky Sports News?

No. I will close down all useless tabs that are no way relevant to blogging about children or parenting and I will finish this post haste as I have to make dinner too. Too much to do and not enough hours. I can't remember what I did before children. What the hell did I do with my time and money? I must have spent hours and hours twiddling my thumbs, it would be quite nice to have some of that time back.


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