Monday, 31 December 2012

The Last Really Crap Parenting Moment Of The Year

As we nose dive towards the end of the year, what better way to end than to tell you all of what I hope is the final crap parenting moment of the year. But seeing as there are thirteen hours remaining in the day I'm not holding my breath but you never know I might get lucky.

I take partial blame for last night but The Chancellor will claim that I should take full responsibility. In my haste to play my new football computer game that had arrived while we were away on holiday, I decided to put forward the wee man's routine by half an hour. I was filled with such childish glee at my new game that I might have, possibly could have, almost certainly neglected to put a nappy on the wee man before I put him to bed. To use a football analogy, I took my eye off the ball.

Things were going swimmingly, I got some game time, ate a pizza and then fell asleep happily thinking of tactics. Then at three in the morning after The Chancellor went to settle him after he woke up, she came back in the bedroom claiming he had wet himself. Do our nappies not claim to be dry for 12 hours? Has he pissed that much? The poor little man had indeed wet himself and was soaking wet all over. As we undressed him it became apparent that he was alas not wearing a nappy and the finger of blame swung round and smacked me square in the face. How long he had been sleeping soaking wet I don't know but I really did feel bad for him.

He didn't seem to mind somehow and saw it as an excuse to run around the house nude while sucking on a dummy at three in the morning. The only saving grace is that he didn't have a crap, I don't dare think of the mess that would have left.

After midnight tonight I will have a clean slate that I can fill up again with rubbish parenting. Bring it on 2013, bring it on.


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