Monday, 3 December 2012

Please Remain Seated

So today as I write there is wall to wall coverage of Kate and Wills' pregnancy announcement. I'm not really a royalist or interested in them in any way but they seem fairly nice so the most I will say of it is well done and good luck, you'll need it.

Returning to a child who probably won't get any near as much press coverage as a royal child, the wee man in his own esoteric way hes been setting the world alight and caused no end of havoc. No longer can I leave him in his high chair as I head in to the kitchen to make him his breakfast or lunch or dinner, no. This is because the smart little guy has learn't how to get out of his high chair and stand in the seat and bounce up and down. As soon as I leave the room he breaks free his shackles, taking full advantage of there being no parent around, and looks very proud as he jigs around in the chair. As the chair stands 3 and a half feet or so in the air, this makes any fall he might have quite dangerous and therefore make things quite difficult for me. A broken arm would be the least of my worries if he fell at an awkward angle.

The one thing the wee man hates in the world, more than having a cotton bud shoved up is nose, is to be strapped or penned in in anyway. So when we finally release him from his high chair or car seat or push chair he grins to himself and kicks his legs excitedly. He knows exactly what's going on and how to get what he wants.

Also in the news today after that exciting story of mine is an even more exciting story about how the wee man and I went to buy a Christmas tree today. I let him toddle around the trees seeing if he had an eye for a perfect shape and size but he just walked round and round in circles, more interested in the netting machine.

Anyway you have to be wondering why I told you this story so I'll let you all get off now and catch up with the latest news on the royal baby, they might be discussing names.


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