Sunday, 23 December 2012

What Do Families Do At Christmas?

I have spoken before about how when you’re away from home you don’t worry about how much you drink or eat you just gorge yourself on whatever you can get your hands on. The guilt evaporates especially over the Christmas period and you look at your large belly and kid yourself it will vanish come the New Year. How many people start diets as soon as Christmas is over? I think you know the answer to that. How many succeed? Well I think your know the answer to that too.

The Chancellor and I are due to go out for drinks with friends in an hour or so and to say I feel rather rotund after an afternoon of food and drink is an understatement. I had free reign over multiple bottles of wine with a visit from my godfather who is known along with my dad and I to devour as much wine as possible while discussing obscure opera. I chime in a bit with the opera but lack the twenty to thirty years experience but I can keep up with them with the wine and food. However after all is said and done I feel rubbish because it’s still early in the night and I know a hangover might kick in early. Think of it as an early Christmas present. My father and I have vowed to detox tomorrow for Christmas Eve and hit it hard again on Christmas day, much to the anger of my Mother.

The Chancellor during all this still feels like crap and still likes to tell me she feels like crap, like I can do something about it. The wee man on the other hand is running my parent’s place like a lunatic trying to eat various bits of Christmas paraphernalia and my Dad’s blue ray box, much to the anger my Dad. He (the wee man) has also managed to programme various timers on the TV by pressing random buttons on the remote, again much to my Dad’s anger. A standard Christmas I’m guessing. 


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