Wednesday, 26 December 2012

A Fat Lip On Boxing Day

What happens when a toddler runs full pelt into a table? He bleeds that's what he does. The wee man attempting to prove he is world's hardest toddler, now has a fat lip for his troubles and his new Christmas jumper is sat in a bucket of water soaking in an attempt to remove blood. The Chancellor did feel bad as she was the parent on duty and she now knows how I feel when she comes home to find the wee man has acquired a new bruise. I was however amazed how much blood there was on the jumper seeing how small he is so it must have been a pretty big hit. In the background as I write the wee man has just forgotten how to walk and has fallen face first with power onto the wooden floor with a very loud thud. As you would imagine he is crying quite loudly. He has struggled today, maybe he's still drunk from yesterday...

The Chancellor is now calming him with a small pop-up book of Italian animals. To clarify it's animals in Italian rather than animals in Italy. Though a marmot and beaver aren't the first animals that spring to mind when teaching youngsters the joys of the animal world. He is now dancing to obscure opera which is somewhat endearing.

He hasn't covered himself  in glory this week giving The Chancellor and I two hours sleep on Christmas eve night. He either was so excited about Santa coming or he saw Santa and has now been scarred for the rest of his life. Probably the latter, I did warn him about prowlers and fat men coming through his bedroom window. After such an awful night Christmas cheer took a while to build up yesterday but after a few glasses of Australian wine I cheered up. And with hundreds of new toys at his disposal the wee man cheered up too.

I hope tomorrow may be easier for us and as it's my day off I no doubt will have an easier time of it than The Chancellor. As I have arranged a trip to the pub with an old friend I dare say I will.


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