Friday, 11 January 2013

A Baby Group On Steroids

One man and a wee bairn embarked on a trip to a brand new group today. For nearly a year we went to baby sensory and a splendid time was had by all but the wee man has now outgrown baby sensory. This is sad as it was a great group but as one door closes another one opens. Today we started toddler sensory. I'm not sure how to describe it except it's like baby sensory but injected with steroids and red bull. There are no baby toys anymore, they have been replaced with bridges, gangways and huge mountains of foam blocks.

But did the wee man want to play with these things? No. He wanted to stand in front of a boom box and dance whilst staring at a lights show. Because he has just graduated up to this class he is now on the smaller side for the group so maybe in a couple of months he will  be walking the plank or scaling what must be for him Everest instead of dancing.

The group leaders were energetic to say the least. I caught of the husband of the couple cannon balling a can of Red Bull behind a door just before we started. I now know where he gets his energy. After seeing what the group leaders do I also know that he needs as much help as possible. This morning I could have done with his energy drink as I was suffering from a fuzzy head from the night before.

So as we approach bedtime for the wee man both he and I are both shattered. Swimming followed the toddler group and by the end of that I was about ready to cry for my pillow. As he is getting old he is needing to engage in more and more energy sapping activities which means I get a work out too which also means I get over tired too. I'm off for a lie down.  


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