Thursday, 17 January 2013

The Wee Man Loves His Mates

A long time ago in a galaxy far far away the wee man and his friends used to just lie on the floor staring up at the world above them. They all then discovered that rolling over gave them a different view on their world and once that was mastered, sitting up made life a bit more interesting. With one or two heaves forward they all took to the floor on all fours. Shakily, this led to crawling, standing, walking and now running, in all sorts of different orders. The wonders of nature.

The wee man and his friends have moved through all the phases and now instead of sitting peacefully they all charge around the place causing havoc. Today six toddlers had the freedom of a house and lots of toys making for a fun but tiring time. The fun of it though comes from the fact that they are all starting to notice each other and interact with each other. The wee man though didn't quite notice one of his friends when, being stood in his way, the wee man impatiently pushed his way passed his friend with a hefty shove.

In a comical moment, the children haven't realised yet that four of them trying to get through the same play pen gate at the same time doesn't quite work. It won't be long before there is no need for a play pen as they develop at an alarming rate.

Today also gave the wee man a chance to show his cat burglary skills. After I had pulled him away from from a handbag I watched as he trotted back over to it two minutes later, take a look left and right to make sure no one was watching him, dive in and run off with a packet of tissues. Indeed this is cunning but not the impression I would want to give about my son. Maybe his future lies in MI5 or petty theft. Hope it's not the latter.


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