Monday, 14 January 2013

Two Days Before The Day After Tomorrow (Mega Snow!)

One Man and a Wee bairn have been recycling some of our greatest indoor hits today. This is because snow has descended on the North East of England. But not letting a bit of tedious snow hamper our good times we embarked on mega block tower building  railway building and creating our own soft play with various cushions and sofas.

The wee man though was more interested in mega block tower and railway destroying as he ran off clutching seven pieces of track already assembled. He took great delight, after I had built a six foot tower, in running over to it at full speed and pushing it over. Despite making the mess, he din't help clean up instead he walked off chewing on our digital camera.

 This was the first of the two towers I built, which quickly got destroyed by King Kong (Sorry the child is blurred but the tower is the important thing).

It takes a great deal of energy and imagination to keep a small toddler entertained indoors for a whole day. I won't be doing this tomorrow that's for sure. Snow or no snow we will be going out even if I have to put him on the back of our sledge and drag him through the snow.

If you do let them get on with exploring children can amuse themselves quite easily for a while. But you leave them for a second and they're either taking the batteries out of your alarm clock and about to eat them or unloading a whole box of balsam tissues (see above). Structured fun is a must tomorrow.


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