Sunday, 6 January 2013

Sleep? Chance Would Be A Fine Thing

A pattern has emerged in the past week. It is not a nice pattern and I hope it stops soon. I mentioned the other day about the wee man getting up in the night and being a pain but we worked out today that for a week now every night he has gotten up at four in the morning. I asked The Chancellor if he has slept through at all since we returned from holiday, as I can't remember, and she said no.

Last night we were a bit meaner with the wee man as he woke at four and spent the next hour crying. Doors were closed, the monitor was turned off and pillows were applied over our heads. Even then we could still hear him cry. He has a habit of getting past himself and gets himself very agitated when you don't go through to see him. This doesn't help anyone.

I have to admit the one major mistake we have made with the wee man is with his sleeping. Because he had hypothermia and massive weight loss at the start of his life we were terrified about him so every time he cried we dashed in to sooth him. Under the circumstances controlled crying was never an option and even now I wouldn't use it with future children.

The wee man now has become use to us going in on a night and helping him back to sleep. Hoist by our own petard to use a famous phrase. I realise the problems we have caused for ourselves. Unfortunately for us he has also always been a light sleeper and wants to spend all him waking time bombing around the house, even at four in the morning.

If you're reading this and have a child who is a good sleeper then I am very jealous and I ask do you want to sell us some of your lovely sleep? The one thing I wish I had appreciated most pre-children is sleep. Those long ten hour sleeps, those gorgeous long lie ins and that feeling of being refreshed. Maybe I will get that back in the next life...


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