Thursday, 24 January 2013

No Girls Allowed (Except Daughters)

It was the Dads only club today. NO GIRLS ALLOWED is our motto and it is a place where men can be real men. It doesn't matter that we were in a public place surrounded by lots of women, the ethos still stands. In our bubble of masculinity we can talk openly, without fear of reprisal, about our wives, our children and sleep (lack of).

Today the members in attendance were myself, Funny Daddy and Power Lifter Daddy. The latter was also there to be my muscle in case any over amorous ladies, recognising me from my various blogs, tried to attack me or get me to sign any of their body parts. His presence obviously worked as a deterrent as no women came anywhere near me.

I did notice a couple of looks at first while we sat around a table like three sore thumbs. The ratio at baby and toddler groups never really gets above 1 man to every 10 women, so to have three men in the same room and sitting around the same table is amazing. It shouldn't be a surprise though as all three of us are very capable of being with our children sans wives and we all thoroughly enjoy spending time with our respective children.  

It be great for Dads if our group could add a few more members and then we could really adjust the ratio to a more even level. Or we could draw straws and the unlucky one could look after all the children as the rest of us went for a few pints. We would have to all sign a confidentiality agreement of course or run the risk of angry wives and then our group would sadly be no more. The first rule of Dads club is...


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