Sunday, 27 January 2013

Do I Actually Miss The Wee Man?

Things are very quiet at One Man HQ today except for the relentless tapping of me on my laptop and the low buzz of football commentary in the background. The Wee Man along with his mum and his grandmother have gone out for the day leaving me alone with my thoughts, which is never a good thing. I managed to get out of leaving the house by just not putting on a coat when the time came to leave, hiding in the living room then closing the door behind them as they headed out. Cunning.

What have I achieved with my quiet time? Well I ate a bag of Hoola Hoops, then played some stupid and time wasting football game, then I ate some more Hoola Hoops and finally got down to doing some work in turning this blog into a book while eating Hoola Hoops. I think we can call today an unmitigated success.

My eyes though keep flicking down to the corner of the laptop at the time and merging that with the thought of the wee man charging around throwing my Xbox controller on our hard kitchen floor. I'm running out of time!

I feel like I never quite achieve what I set out to do with my free time but it would help having plans made in the first place. Ten minutes after the family return I always seem to say to myself "Oh that's what I should have done today". By the time I get a day to myself again I've forgotten what I told myself the last time and I just end up sitting around chewing my nails waiting for the madness to start again. My lack of imagination is quite pathetic and I should be never be left on my own again.

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