Monday, 7 January 2013

Countdown Returns!

I will start with what seems to be the usual. Yes again I was up at four this morning but my no nonsense and zero tolerance approach seems to be working as I was only up for half an hour. Still despite my crackdown I would prefer not getting up at such an hour but he's the boss I suppose.

To combat another night awake I filled my day with such wonders and delights you would be jealous. What better way to start the week than with a trip to Ikea. I told you you would be jealous. Seeing as I rarely visit industrial parks for fear of talking and interacting with people I was impressed I made it and made it through the diabolical maze of walkways and wonderful bargains. With the wee man on my back we weaved in and out of slow movers who spoke to each other amazed by how much storage solutions cost. I was tempted to tell them 'howay it's Ikea what do expect?' Anyway we purchased a new highchair and toilet brush, which is now the wee man's new favourite toy, and ran hot footed from the Swedish version of purgatory. To allay any fears I haven't used the toilet brush yet I'm not that much of crap a parent.

So after that successful trip of not looking people in the eye I was quickly off to soft play with a friend. From one purgatory to something similar. With the children of Newcastle still being off from school the place was filled with kids as usual being loud and annoying. The wee man being amazingly social lasted half an hour before crashing out for a nap.

However there was light at the end of tunnel today in the shape of Rachel Riley as Countdown returned to our afternoons. I know it has been gone only three weeks or so but it felt like a lifetime. Charmed, the programme about pretty witches, tried to fill the void but alas to no avail. I actually tweeted Rachel Riley the other week telling her to read this blog, inevitably I didn't hear back from her. Shame.


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