Saturday, 19 January 2013


What do you as a family if it has been snowing and you want to get out of the house? You go SLEDGING!!! We had, here in the North East last night, a very healthy amount of 'good' snow. By 'good' snow I mean snow where you can go sledging or build a great snowman. I'm sure by tomorrow it will have turned to that  slushy stuff that just gets you wet and annoys you. So we thought we would take advantage and have some family fun down at the local park.

Everyone has a memory of being young and having fun in the snow, even me. But when you have a child it's even better and it's so much fun spending an afternoon on a sledge tearing around a snow covered park. I'm even already looking forward to next year when the wee man will be a little older and will be able to have more fun. Listen to me, I think my cynicism must have fallen out of my pocket and has been buried under the snow somewhere.

You are allowed to be cynical about snow when you're driving through it or at work when everyone else is out having fun but when it's the weekend and you have children you really can't. And I go back to this idea of 'good' snow, it rarely falls here so when it does you have to take advantage of it.

So after all that exertion he have returned home to tea, scones and a well earned nap. A great family day had by all.

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