Sunday, 20 January 2013

The Great Disappearing Act

After the joys of family sledging yesterday, today came the joys of a family road trip. We braved the snow and wind, packed ourselves into the car and dashed off cross country for a day of visits. The wee man has always seemed happier in other people's houses giving the impression to others that he is a lovely child. For the most part this is true but that doesn't tell the whole story. But all day today he has been that lovely child, playing with older children, stealing things off older children, stroking dogs and eating crayons. All these things he did with a big smile except for the crayons which didn't go down well with his palate, as you would imagine, but still he nibbled away until stopped by The Chancellor.

Now at the age he is, he is getting endearingly cheeky when he does things he knows he shouldn't be doing. In particular when he gets his hands on things that he shouldn't. He has taken a liking to my tablet for example, and when he sees that I've noticed him holding it he runs off giggling. Every time I catch up with him, with a burst of acceleration, he gets away from me. Remotes, phones, dummies and today colouring pencils are just some of the contraband items that he likes to run off with.

These items also appear in the oddest places. The television remote in the kitchen bin, slippers in the bath and my bank cards in his toy box. I seem to spend a lot of my time on scavenger hunts looking for stolen items. I spent half an hour once looking for my house keys which the wee man had been swinging around. In the end I found them in a shoe and that was luck as I was just moving them out of the way to look behind them. If he could tell me where he put them that would be fine but he can't and it sends me berserk. I can't afford to put trackers into all my possessions...



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