Wednesday, 23 January 2013

The Spell Is Broken

Freedom. Oh that sweet taste of freedom, how I have missed thee stuck here in my cell with a clingy child and ever decreasing food supplies. OK so this may be going a bit over the top as the snow wasn't that bad and we live in walking distance of various supermarkets. But still after a few days stuck in doors, to go out for more than ten minutes, felt like an end to our prison sentence.

With going out I also managed to escape the day time soaps I had become quickly addicted to. It had become an unhealthy addiction as I sat there screaming at the TV desperate to know who one man cheated on his girlfriend with. I couldn't pretend either that the the wee man was getting any intellectual stimulation from them. Unless of course I want him to speak with rising intonation and bitch about everyone of his friends while he drinks copious amounts of expensive alcohol. The Chancellor would never forgive me. And I would never forgive myself either.

These shows aired during the day are designed to grab your attention with absurd story lines and pretty women. I'm a real sucker, hence why I had spent a few days glued to the TV watching them. But the spell is now broken, that is until the the next round of snow comes down.

So I have returned today to spending a fair amount of money on the baby groups I attend. And what a wonderful segway that is to promote my Baby Centre blog for this week. As the title would suggest I am tight with my money. When The Chancellor and I were in Florence a couple of years ago, no joke, a flying bug which looked like a moth did appear from my wallet as I opened it at one point. Seriously this no joke. The Chancellor found it very amusing, as you would imagine. I did not.



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