Tuesday, 15 January 2013

The Wee Man Vs. The Loud Mean Boy

First off, this week's Baby Centre Blog has been published a day earlier so here is the link if you feel like you haven't quite read enough of my musings. http://www.baby.co.uk/mum_stories/16-kids-and-still-standing/. If you watched the programme 16 Kids and Counting on Channel 4 then this may be of interest to you. I felt that anyone who could have 16 children and still functions on any sort of level had to be written about. Though I have very little sympathy as they actually wanted that many. I on the other hand want no more but alas that won't be my decision...unless I do something drastic.

So onto today. The wee man despite being able to run and now climb on the sofa he is still just a little guy. So when he comes up against bigger boys who scare him he isn't quite sure what to do. This afternoon at a baby play area one boy, who was to be fair a little shit, ran up to the wee man and shouted boo in his face very loudly. The first time the wee man just looked shocked and tried to carry on with his fun but the second time the boy barked right in his face the wee man burst into tears, ran over to me and clung around my neck.

The mother of said  boy did come over and apologise and then promptly clipped her child round the head. I got the impression that this wasn't the first time this boy had been naughty, the mother seemed to be at the end of her tether with her son. Especially later on as she walked past me carrying away the screaming and kicking child and packed him off away home. An unenviable situation. 

Seeing as the wee man isn't going to nursery he does need to get socialised and meet children who are going to be loud and tedious. These children play areas are generally full of loud and tedious children. So I suppose it's a necessary evil. But he's a pretty tough child anyway so I'll just tell him ignore loud kids and go off and read the news review section of the newspaper in a quiet corner. Sins of the father perhaps but it makes me happy.


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