Wednesday, 9 January 2013

The Wee Man Strikes Back

First off this sunny Wednesday is a link to this week's Baby Centre blog It's about dummies and the like so if you feel the need after reading this to read the other then please go ahead.

So back to the mundane. And my victory of two nights ago was short lived as the wee man returned to imitating a very loud alarm clock set for four in the morning. I let out a loud sigh as I rolled over and checked the time on my Pink Floyd Dark Side of The Moon alarm clock (I know, it's totally ace).

 Not again was the cry from both I and The Chancellor. My hard-line tactics are making things quicker in terms of a return to sleep but I dread to think what it will be like when he is in a bed and can get out. We might well be buying a water cannon or cattle prod. I'm not sure if you can readily buy them from your local B&Q so if you know stockists I'm all ears.

As the wee man and I were grumpy as hell this morning a music group that gave out coffee and biscuits seemed the only logical place to go. With Funny Mummy returning to work Funny Daddy is now doing a couple days of childcare and his first day was today. Like two well seasoned house wives we marched off to dance, sing and eat stale biscuits. After singing loudly and dancing vigorously for an hour the wee man I made a truce and became friends again. I probably won't be saying that later tonight.

We stayed out most of the day with me trying my best to ware him out and get him to take in as much sea air as possible. Maybe this was in vain but we'll find out tonight and I'm sure I will tell you about it tomorrow.


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