Friday, 4 January 2013

Night Owls

Here are some words to sum up today; clingy, noisy, loud, crying, annoying. Add them up and you don't get a fun day especially after another night where none of us got much sleep. 

For £100 and a chance to win a luxury car, can you tell me what has been keeping my son up for the past three nights?

What's that you say??? He's ill again??? If that's the answer you're giving me then yes you're right and you move forward to the bonus round!

Another night and another wake up call at four in the morning followed by an hour of crying and cursing. It's getting all too familiar. I've tried spending the days out and about to tire him out, I've tried staying in to keep him from the cold and I've tried everything in between. But still at four in the morning that muffled cry comes through the monitor. The Chancellor and I hold our breath, will he go back to sleep? Five seconds later we're playing rock, paper, scissor to determine who goes through to face the dragon child. Though it doesn't really matter as the other one doesn't sleep anyway.

For £10 and a chance to drink a cup of tea and eat a biscuit would you want to come over and sit with my son tonight?

What's that???Piss off??? If that's the answer you're giving me then I don't blame you.



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