Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Scott Of The Antarctic I Am Not

After the trauma and embarrassment of yesterday I thought I would be smart and take a different approach to navigating my way through another day of snow fall. I had intended to go to a toddler group but we awoke here to yet another snow fall and the impending doom of another day stuck in doors. With the pushchair as much use in the snow as I am with a tool box, I decided to go mobile with the wee man strapped into his backpack. On first thought this seems like a logical idea, there is nothing to push and I won't embarrass myself with my lack of fitness and strength. So I set out like Scott of The Antarctic, feeling like a true polar explorer, even if I was just running some errands.

I was feeling smug on the out journey powering through the snow like a true professional, only a few minor snow flurries hitting us but nothing to get excited about. The wee man, all wrapped up in his nineteen eighties bobble hat and car anorak, seemed to enjoy getting out for some fresh air. As I pottered around the local area, running my errands, the snow came again and moved from flurries to full blown blizzards. The wee man and I being out and about and not being near any shops, at this point, were soon covered white with my backpack buddy was not particularly happy about having horizontal snow batter his face.

The smugness I had felt at being smart for choosing the backpack ebbed away quickly and there was nothing for it but to trudge home. Ten minutes of snow trudgery later and we arrived home soaking. I pulled the wee man from his backpack and he stood looking up at me with a pathetic look and with his nose streaming with snot. I didn't blame him as he stood dripping with melting snow.

I think the moral of this story might have to be something along the lines of, if it's a toss up between embarrassing yourself or letting your child get soaked through from snow then you have a parental duty to let yourself look stupid. Unless of course if pretty women are watching.


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