Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Vote For Me (Again) Please

Roll up, roll up for another chance to make One Man and a Wee Bairn to most powerful blog in the land. After the wonderful response I got from the Baby Centre competition some time ago, you now have the chance to nominate me and this blog for a very prestigious MAD Blog Award 2013. OOOOOOH I hear you say. Yes they are very prestigious.

Already some of my wonderful mummy friends have nominated me but one nomination is not enough as I have to amass a fair few to become a finalist. If I become a finalist then I get to got to a big gala even where there will be drinking, dancing and singing. What more of an incentive to you want?

So if you feel that you need to massage my ego some more or you actually believe One Man should win blog of the year then go to this website and nominate me. Thank you.

To sweeten the deal there are amazing mystery prizes on offer if you do vote for me. By the way did I tell you how good you are looking today? Is that a new haircut? You look great in that new suit. OK now I'm crawling. My chance of going to the ball is in your hands.

Right, back to normal the normal routine tomorrow when the builders might have finally left my house.



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