Sunday, 13 January 2013

He Has The Theatrics Of Cristiano Ronaldo

Today's activities have been almost a carbon copy of yesterday only today the wee man has given us his impression of Mr Hyde. This has been away, slightly, from the fun we had yesterday.

After stopping him from eating a candle he collapsed on the floor like he had been taken out by a sharp shooter and showed me his best crocodile tears. I walked off letting him writhe on the floor like a poncy footballer until he had calmed down. Once he realised there was something better to play with, his shoes, he was happy again. Simple things.Though compared to some children out there the wee man's tantrums look insignificant and I hope my form of complete disregard for his theatrics works for the future. I hope.

The tantrums only seem to come at moments of peak frustration, tiredness or hunger which seem to be the same triggers for me when I get grumpy and moan. Allegedly. Do we ever really grow out of tantrums? We all throw paddys and tantrums in life we just don't roll around in the floor crying, unless you're Cristiano Ronaldo or any celebrity. As tantrums are a right of passage for children they are also a right of passage for parents and they test you to your limits. However I am aware that they only get worse as they get older so somehow I must try and become Mr Fantastic from Fantastic Four (he's super stretchy by the way if you don't know).

Currently though as I write this he is having fun with his Mum but he hasn't quite learnt spacial awareness as he is trying to put a tractor into the trailer that comes with the tractor. That's not going to work son. And then he goes from that to chomping away at a cardboard book. Again that's not going to work son. I think I have a lot of education to impart on him. But I'll do that tomorrow.


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