Saturday, 12 January 2013

Puddles And Mud

After a week of toiling and putting up with loud children Saturday brought forth a lie in and a cooked breakfast. The wee man now has returned to sleeping through and had a lie in himself today making the general mood in the house one of happiness and joy.

This general mood has continued with the wee man being in great form. During an afternoon walk, with him in the rucksack, he would go supersonic every time he saw a dog or cat. It wasn't so good for me as he kicked away excitedly into my already battered spine and screeched loudly in my ear as the dogs walked past. He took great delight, when let out of his backpack, in toddling off and standing only in puddles or in piles of mud. Great fun for him not so much fun for me when cleaning him up. As I changed him when I got back he did his new trick of trying to hide when you need to change him. Knowing what you want to do he walks backwards grinning and crouches down behind a chair or in a corner. You ask him to come out and he just grins and laughs at you. Again fun for him but not fun for me.

We were due to meet up with our friends Multi Mum and Multi Dad. However Multi Mum is dealing with multi illnesses of the children and of Multi Dad. For us it's bad enough when one of us is ill so I can't imagine what it's like if four children and a husband are ill. Especially as the male strain of illnesses are generally more potent than the female strain. I try to tell The Chancellor this but she doesn't understand. So I send our best to them and I hope they can get some sleep. We are always here to bring you stuff but not to take children away, sorry but one is enough for me.

Finally if you read this and are on Facebook there is a page devoted to this blog, and you can 'Like' it. I do realise that this is a shameful bit of self promotion but I don't care. Also to the right of this blog there is a twitter thingy you can click on. There, done. Right I'm off to watch Tree Fu Tom.


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