Saturday, 5 January 2013

My Son Destined To Be A Bin Man Or A Super Villain

The wee man is a bit naughty. As much as his mother claims he is a lovely little boy who does no wrong, he is naughty. He is also very smart. This is a combination that will inevitably lead him to becoming a super villain. He has started pushing his luck a bit mostly with the kitchen bin which he knows is off limits.

While in the bath yesterday I let him roam but the only thing he wanted to play with was the bathroom bin. From the bath I told him no, he looked at me smiling and made a noise that sounded like yes. I repeated no and again he smiled and replied with the noise again. This happened a third and fourth time and eventually he moved away to eat a hairbrush. While this conversation was going on he had his hand on the bin the whole time. I could sense a really battle of wills which neither of us wanted to loose.

Today we had the same thing but with the kitchen bin. This time he didn't move away on my command and had to be escorted from the kitchen, which he didn't like. When he does these things with The Chancellor he gives his mum a nice cute smile which melts her heart immediately leading to her never being angry with him. Because I am with everyday his smiles don't work on me anymore leading to me being the disciplinarian. It's a crap role but I suppose someone has to do it.

For The Chancellor the wee man can do no wrong but maybe I would be the same if I didn't see him all day. With your limited time you wouldn't want to focus on his naughty moments. As he gets older it's only going to gets worse, just wait until he's smoking and drinking and bringing back dirty girls, I think his mum might have something to say then.


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