Wednesday, 16 January 2013

An (Un)Welcome Return To Work?

I could sit here and pretend like I did something today but I didn't. There were things going on but as The Chancellor left for work this morning it was close to -5 degrees so I didn't feel especially enthusiastic about leaving a nice warm house. So the wee man and I did nothing and the highlight of the day was in the afternoon we sat in the car for half an hour warming it up as we hadn't driven it for about five days. You can tell it was a good day just from that.

Seeing as I did nothing I thought I would take this opportunity to tell you that last week I applied for a job. Yes a job and yes full time. At the start of my sabbatical I had said I would like to be off for at least a year and we will then decide from there what we are to do. Money though  despite austerity measures, is still annoyingly tight for us and the extra injection of cash would be worth while. It's also a good job with a great employer.

While applying for this job two things hit me, first of all applying for jobs is perhaps the most soul destroying and boring job there is. Secondly I don't want to go back to work. Now I know I moan a lot about being a stay at home dad and a lot of days are pretty boring but I do actually like being off work. The wee man being older but not much wiser is a different child to the one I started looking after. This stage of life is good fun for both him and me. And to be honest I don't anyone else to have fun with him when I could be having fun.

I have also gained a bond with him that I probably wouldn't have gotten if I hadn't stayed off and for that I am very lucky and very happy. I do know that I may not even get an interview for this job but applying for it is the start of what might be a long goodbye and that's quite a sobering thought. For now I will have fun reading him Italian animal books, teaching him how blow raspberries,building train sets and watching Rachel Riley.


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