Tuesday, 29 January 2013

The Wee Man Has A New Friend

So we have day 2 of the great building project. Our man who is doing such a fine job keeps pulling me to one side, speaking to me with words I don't quite understand. I nod politely not wanting to appear like some dumb idiot, I even try to pretend I know what he means when he talks about how to properly install a shower. I give him a face that's says "Yeah of course you do it like that, that's how I would have done it if I had had any desire to be a labourer". He's either very polite and thinks I'm a total tit or my GCSE drama skills have outfoxed him.

The wee man has taken quite a shine to our builder friend and when the chance arises he scampers through to see what he's up to. After I wrote yesterday he got his hands on a saw which had been left at child level. He clutched it by the saw blade itself and was about to swing it around when I managed to grab off him in time. He even had the audacity to have a tantrum at his new toy being confiscated. What is good about all this work going on is the wee man can be a little unsure when new people come into his world but is happy enough to play pica boo with his new friend.

To escape the drilling that has been pissing me off more than the wee man we went for a little walk. The wee man scampered about excited to be let off his lead making friends with dogs who weren't as sure about this friend thing as he was. The wee man has a habit off getting a little too excited when faced with dogs, usually scaring them and causing them to run off and hide in the bushes. He is something of a public menace.


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