Friday, 25 January 2013

Am I A Child Eating Monster?

There is young boy the wee man and I know who used to go to the same baby group as us. He is a nice lad, with really nice parents and he also happens to have the same birthday as the wee man. The only problem with this boy was that every time I looked at him and smiled he would burst into tears and cry uncontrollably for ten minutes, letting out a howl as he did this. This really is no exaggeration as it would take the parents quite a while to calm the poor lad down.

After it happened a few times I started to develop a little neurosis about this. Am I that ugly? Am I that scary? I don't think I come across like some scary monster about to eat the heads off of small children. All the other children I know don't feel the need to tell me what they think of me or run away from me. So this aversion to me was a bit of a shame as I got on well with the boy's mum, dad and nanny. The wee man and the boy also seemed happy to play together.

Today the lad and his mum turned up to our new toddler class, which was great as I finally had someone to talk to that I knew. I spoke easily with the mum trying not to look the little boy directly in the eyes in case he had a full blown meltdown which would leave me scurrying away in embarrassment.

In a stroke of luck (for me) though the lad instantly transferred his crying from me to the male member of the team who runs the group. Now this guy can be a bit full on and is much louder than I am so I don't blame the little guy for crying. The wee man is never quite sure what to make of him either. He stands inquisitively trying to suss him out and wondering why he is clapping and signing in his face. More often than not the wee man will turn and try to cling on tight to my neck. I don't blame him.

Anyway now this young boy seems happy to look at me and doesn't see me as a scary child eating monster anymore. Score one for me, that plastic surgery I had to remove my tentacles seems to have worked at treat.




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