Friday, 18 January 2013

The Tablet Of Power

Back in November I bought myself a Google Nexus 7 tablet. It quickly became the greatest thing in my life*.  Since November I have become amazed at not only how it has changed my life but how it has changed the wee man's life too.

The first sign that things might be changing was when he picked up our digital camera and tried to swipe through the pictures. Seeing as the camera now seems archaic compared to the tablet, swiping it won't do anything. But to the wee man having seen me swipe the life out of my tablet he thought it was a safe bet that all technology worked in the same way. I like to think this is pretty smart.

Today though he learnt how to do something that the tablet was designed for. Every now and again I use the voice recognition feature on it to search for stuff, newspapers, locations, naked women etc. As I used the voice feature today to search for a female member of a children's TV channel he came over and after hearing the speak now tone he started speaking into the tablet.

I thought it was a one off so through the day I turned the feature on and each time he heard the speak now tone he dashed over and started nanananananananing into the tablet. If that isn't learnt behaviour then I don't know what is. Before I know it he'll be setting up his own Facebook and Twitter accounts and causing all sorts of bother online that I'll have to get him out of.

In the short term though the way forward might be to not spend so much time on my tablet even though it has this strange hold over me. But can I spend time away from it? I'm not sure. We wants it, we needs it. Must have the precious precious...


*Obviously after The Chancellor and the wee man. Obviously.


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