Thursday, 10 January 2013

My Son The Kamikaze Pilot

The wee man's kamikaze antics have finally caught up with him this afternoon. After a nice afternoon with various parents at soft play and having eaten a whole banana in ten seconds the wee man set off on a series of quick laps around the living room. He recently learnt how to run but has not quite worked out how to slow down and then stop. So he tends to run around in circles until he falls over or runs in a wall. So as he began lap four or five he tripped on the living room rug and went flying crashing his head off the sharp edge of his toy box. There was the inevitable silent pause while he held his breath, went purple and let rip with an almighty cry.

Two trickles of blood began running down his face from a rather large gash and for the first time as a parent I had a real panic thinking a trip to the nearest A&E would be necessary. Luckily with the aid a very absorbent kitchen roll (the advert is true) I managed to mop up the blood. Two hours later and it looks OK and most of the swelling has gone down but I still had him wearing a hat as The Chancellor arrive home. It didn't take long for her to question why he was sporting the hat and the game was up for me.

She took it well but secretly, I imagine, blames me. Never mind, we all live to fight another day. The scary thing for me afterwards was the thought that it was very close to his eye and if he had made impact with that it would have been a very different scenario for us. 

To treat myself and to treat my shattered nerves wine is now in the house and once the wee man is in bed my rehabilitation can commence.


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