Thursday, 3 January 2013

A Day At The Beach In January?

The miserable time of the year I foresaw in my crystal ball a couple of days ago hasn't quite materialised, not yet anyway. This makes for a turn up for the books, not that I'm constantly cynical or anything. It has helped though that, for the first time in a while, we haven't needed to wear a snow suit to leave the house and even the tedious North East rain has stopped, for time being. It hasn't taken long for the mild air and dry streets to boost my post new year morale.

So this afternoon the wee man and I were joined by Funny Mummy and her little toddler and we went off to the beach. She has been as desperate as we have been for something to do and together we attempted to cast away boredom. We let our boys off their leashes and let them roam across the sands which they enjoyed no end. The glint in their eyes was apparent as they saw the almost endless expanse of sand. The wee man however found the lure of the waves too much and kept running off towards the sea. My son attempting to enter the sea isn't useful for either of us and that wouldn't be a conversation I would want to have with The Chancellor.

This type of activity may well be my future as the wee man is needing more and more exercise to sleep through the night and to not be so generally grumpy. Seeing as he was up at four in the morning this mornig, I'm hoping the sea air might act as some kind of sedative and he can give The Chancellor and I some sleep. Otherwise he's getting some alcohol in the dead of night

Today have left me in good spirits that days in January needn't be dull or miserable. But both Funny Mummy and I are desperate for the groups to start up again. There are only so many home made activities you can fill your weeks with. Coffee and cake next week? Yes please.


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